PlaySQR Responsible Gaming Overview

Maintaining a balanced approach to gaming in PlaySQR is extremely essential. Nowadays, a lot of players around the world continue to play casino games not only to pass the time but also to have extra earnings, to cover their debts, to disconnect from reality, and so on. 

As soon as you stop gambling consciously, you are likely to have a lot of problems with your addiction to this type of entertainment. PlaySQR can not gloss over the problem and takes a plethora of measures to inform the players about possible consequences and to help the ones who struggle with gaming addiction. Hence, the brand follows the Responsible Gaming policy in order to prevent Indian users from having difficulties with the problems related to betting on sporting events or playing casino games in PlaySQR.

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Responsible Gaming Guidelines

PlaySQR provides Indian users with a set of points and detailed instructions on how to avoid facing gambling problems. Being aware of them plays a crucial role in the prevention of your potential dependence.

Staying in Control

There are only a few basic reminders of responsible gambling and betting on the PlaySQR site and in the app for mobile gadgets. To keep playing balanced, you need to pay attention to the following conditions:

How to detect my gambling addiction?

In case you realise you can not stop gaming in spite of the fact that you are aware of potential negative issues, you are recommended to answer the following questions in order to uncover your addiction:

If you have more “Yes” answers to the above questions, it means that you need to take measures to solve your gambling problems.

Those players, who want to be provided with a helping hand confidentially, are able to seek help and professional advice on the sites of special organisations. Links to the best sources can be accessed in the Responsible Gaming section of the PlaySQR site. All of the offered sources of help supply gamblers with an opportunity to stay anonymous. 


As soon as you understand that playing on the site has become more than just a way of entertaining yourself and you can not stop it, it is high time to take a break from gambling activities offered by the PlaySQR site. In this case, you can make use of the self-exclusion function. 

The feature allows Indian players to quit their account for a certain period of time up to 90 days. In order to self-exclude in PlaySQR, it is essential to proceed to the My Account and opt for the Self Exclusion section. Apart from this, you can inform the PlaySQR support specialists that you do not want to receive tantalising email promotional and marketing offers in email messages.

Once you deactivate your account via the self-exclusion feature, you will not be able to transfer money from the balance as well as make top-ups. What is more, access to your profile will be restricted until the set period of time is gone. Self-excluded players are not able to create new profiles, make bets on sports, and play casino games for real money as well.

In case you wish to self-exclude for more than 90 days, you need to get in touch with the support assistant by sending a message to the PlaySQR help email address. During your “therapy”, you can read different guides and communicate with various professionals who deal with gambling problems. As soon as the self-exclusion period expires, you will be able to start playing again. However, try to do it consciously and only for entertainment.

Underage Gambling

In accordance with the PlaySQR Terms & Conditions, underage players can not register for a profile on the site and begin to play games for real money. The company checks your age via the verification procedure immediately after your account is created. In case it is impossible to confirm your legal age, several additional identification documents can be requested as well. The required documentary must be submitted within 72 hours. Otherwise, your account will be suspended until you verify your age.

In addition, the PlaySQR website recommends that registered players need to keep their credentials safe and always log out of the profile when the gaming session is finished. This tip helps to prevent children and young people from accessing the site. Special computer programmes can be installed in order to restrict access from the casino website as well (for instance, Net Nanny or CYBERsitter).