PlaySQR Cookie Policy in India

Like a plethora of other web-based sites, PlaySQR collects cookies striving to enhance your gaming adventure and assure you of a smooth operation of the site. These light files are generated by the company and are saved on your personal computer or any other gadget you have selected for playing. Cookies are quite convenient to use and contribute to uncomplicated online gambling or betting on sporting events processes by monitoring your browsing information. 

A separate policy related to cookies is followed on the PlaySQR site. The main aim is to assure Indian users of transparency and clarity on how the casino company collects and uses them. Another reason for accepting cookies on the site is to enhance the user experience by setting different options in compliance with your preferences and needs.

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What are cookies?

A cookie entails a small set of data that frequently comprises a unique identifier that is submitted to your personal computer or any other gadget (smartphone, tablet, etc.) you use and is saved on your device’s hard drive. In fact, any web-based site may send cookies to your web browser if it is allowed in the settings. Primarily, sites do it each time you visit them by displaying a tab requesting your permission in order to monitor online traffic flows.

Why does PlaySQR use cookies?

Several cookie files play a crucial role and help the PlaySQR brand to detect your needs and preferences so as to supply you with the corresponding services. The information will be utilised in order to manage the delivery of any online services you request. 

In case you do not consent to the Cookies Policy at the beginning of your usage of the PlaySQR casino or sportsbook services, it will not be so easy to access the necessary services and receive some additional options that you have requested (for instance, secure areas of the websites, online payments, and so on). And finally, such files are not gathered with the purpose of tracking your personal information and using it for marketing purposes or fixing the sites visited by you.

PlaySQR collects information in order to remember your region, preferred language, cryptocurrency index, and other relevant details. With this system, Indian players are likely to have improved and personalised features on the site. Notice that deleting the cache from the browser leads to forgetting your authorisation details, preferences, and content requested by you.

How does PlaySQR use cookies?

There are 2 ways of settling cookies on your computer or mobile device. Files placed by the PlaySQR company are called “first party”, while files placed by other parties are known as “third party” and entail collecting data about the browser habits and supplying individually defined content to you.

In spite of the fact that there are a plethora of different ways of using first party and third party cookies, all files utilised by the PlaySQR brand relate to one of the following 4 categories:

Cookies in PlaySQR are used for a diverse array of purposes. The list of them consists of the following points:

PlaySQR uses flash, session, and persistent files both on the website and in the application. Flash files perform a small piece of data that is stored and accessed by Adobe Flash. Session cookies are used by the server to collect data about the user’s actions so that they can easily pick up where they left off on the server’s page. Persistent cookies let the PlaySQR website remember you on future visits, speeding up and enhancing the experience with the types of services and tools you prefer.

How to control the use of cookies?

In case you would like to block the collection of cache by PlaySQR from your browser software, it is essential to proceed to the settings inside the browser you use. It is recommended to get familiar with the step-by-step instructions given in the menu of the browser in order to cope with the procedure without issues as well.

As a result, as soon as you block cookies, some interactive features and functions offered by the PlaySQR site will not be accessible to you. This is the main reason why the brand recommends Indian users accept cookies at the very beginning. And finally, if you have a question related to the Cookie Policy of the website, you need to consult with the support agent via the official email address of the company or in the online chat.