Privacy Policy in PlaySQR

The PlaySQR casino brand is committed to keeping the confidentiality of all site users, Furthermore, the company strives to assure Indians of the full safety and security of the provided casino and sportsbook services and surround the players with a corresponding environment for entertainment.

All the conditions dedicated to your privacy are listed in the Privacy Policy section. In compliance with the terms, the policy applies to each website managed by Hemera Global Group N. V., be it any direct or indirect subsidiary of the original site. The policy means that all your personal details, including name, address, contacts, etc. may be collected and processed by PlaySQR. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of all aspects of the existing policy and consent to it during the registration procedure.

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Data PlaySQR may collect from Indian users

The PlaySQR company is entitled to access different kinds of details about you. Basically, the data that is collected by the website or mobile app is related to your finances, identity, active gambling / betting sessions, and other details:

Use of your Information

First and foremost, the PlaySQR casino and bookmaker is allowed to request and process your details within the Hemera Global Group N. V.  and share this information with their third-party data processors for the following purposes:

Due to the fact that your information is processed with the use of Internet sources, it involves the transmission of your data on an international basis. Nevertheless, PlaySQR takes reasonable steps that are necessary to ensure the players that their information is shared with third-party processors securely and in compliance with the Privacy Policy conditions.

Your personal details are hidden from all parties except the cases when it is mandatory to uncover them outside the RWB  Solutions International LTD. Besides, your information is not shared with third parties if it is not required by the law.

Transactions Monitoring

PlaySQR records all the transactions you make in the sportsbook, casino, and other sections of the website. This data is saved on the brand’s computer system. What is more, the company tracks all transactions as they take place in order to enhance the services provided by the PlaySQR brand.

Telephone Calls

Your telephone communication with the support agent can be recorded as well. The purpose is the same: the website is committed to providing you with high qualified support assistants, managing the quality of customer care services, and assuring you of speedy responses and resolutions of your queries.

Security and Confidentiality

Both the original site and application for mobile gadgets take security steps in order to protect the Indian users’ data from being accessed by unauthorised parties for different purposes (unlawful processing, destruction, damage, accidental loss, and so on). All your details including registration particulars, bank card or payment data, active sessions, betting history, etc, are priorly protected in PlaySQR. The strongest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology is used. If you are the owner of a unique password that allows you to access private pages on the site, you are fully responsible for keeping it safe.

Your identification details will always be encrypted automatically when they are transacted on the Internet. This means that all your data is transformed into a unique code that can be decoded only with the help of a private key or password.

In spite of the fact that transmission of your information on the Internet is not completely safe, the PlaySQR site does its best to restrict access to your data. Nevertheless, the brand can not guarantee the 100% security of the facts that you disclose online. In case the site has not been negligent according to the Privacy Policy Terms of Use, it is you who will be responsible for the safety of your particulars.

From time to time, there are different links to the websites with which PlaySQR cooperates (the company’s partners, affiliates, advertisers, and so on). If you proceed to the other page via such links, you have to keep in mind that there may be a separate Privacy Policy that is out of the PlaySQR site’s responsibility. Therefore, you should learn their privacy rules before you start to provide your personal or other details.

Retention and Disposal

The essence of the Privacy Policy held on the PlaySQR website is based on retaining and providing available financial data for a period of 6 years. Other pieces of information are kept until all the conditions related to verification and sharing your personal details with third parties are met. However, if it is essential to retain the data for a longer period of time in accordance with the relevant law, PlaySQR will retain it.

What is more, the brand realises its responsibility for assuring you of confidentiality and safety and takes all the necessary steps so as to ensure that the privacy of your details is maintained during the process of its disposal. PlaySQR uses the best equipment and cutting-edge tools to delete your information from all possible sources including the official site and mobile app. 

Changes in Privacy Policy

The PlaySQR company is entitled to modify and edit current Privacy Policy terms. You should not be concerned about this since the website will notify you about any changes by sending a message or displaying a tab with new conditions. It will be necessary to consent to updated rules again as well.

Accuracy and Access to Information

The company makes a lot of efforts to make sure that the facts you provided are accurate and has been identified. In case you are interested in which pieces of information about what PlaySQR collects, you have the right to ask the support team to inform you. Modification of your personal data is allowed as well. However, you should be aware of the fact that the brand is entitled to take a small administrative charge from you when you wish to get access to the information collected by the website.

In case you have a query or desire to make a request related to the Privacy Policy of your details, you are allowed to inform PlaySQR about your preferences by sending a message to the official email address or making a phone call on the site.